About YALF

YALF (Young Aspirants Leadership Fellowship) is a non partisan youth preparatory program designed to increase the space, participation and capacity of young aspirants and youth candidates to emerge as winners in the 2019 Nigerian General Elections

YALF Overview

Challenges Faced

Many young people desire to run for political office in Nigeria but there is a huge knowledge and capacity gap among progressive youth on how to run for political office, raise funds, address campaign related issues and eventually win elections in Nigeria. Amidst these challenges, Nigeria with its huge youth population bulge does not have a consistent, structured and nonpartisan preparatory program for youth who desire to run for political office. If this gap is allowed unaddressed, it will continue to reduce the space and chances of progressive youth candidates to run and win elections.

To advance an inclusive political environment in Nigeria by increasing the capacity, participation and space for progressive youth emergence in elective positions in Nigeria.
  • Provide tailored capacity building training and support system for youth aspirants and candidates on how to run for elective offices in the 2019 Nigeria general elections.
  • Advocate for changes in political parties’ policies in order to increase space and emergence of youth as party flag bearers.
  • Establish a nonpartisan Information and Advisory Hub/toll-free service to provide structured information and guidance to youth aspirants and candidates.
  • Undertake a study on the experiences and achievements of young aspirants in the 2019 Nigeria general elections, to advance learning on youth political participation.
  • Emergence of more Youth Aspirants as Party Flag Bearers of Political Positions in the 2019 Nigerian General Elections.
  • Elimination of Barriers by Political parties to Youth participation.
  • Youth Emergence as winners of Elective Positions in 2019 Elections.
  • Improvement in the capacity and experience of young aspirants and candidates who run for 2019 general election.
  • Changes should have been made in political party policies that increase space and youth candidates emerging as flag bearers on their platforms in the 2019 general elections.
  • Youth aspirants and candidates would be better assisted with information and advice to overcome challenges and advance in their aspirations.
  • A social media community would have been formed to advocate the need to increase the space for youth to run for political offices in Nigeria.
  • A knowledge compendium on the prospects and constraints of youth running for office using the 2019 general elections would have been developed and disseminated.

Participants will learn how to:

Raise Funds






Win Elections



Meet the People behind the Wheel



In this life time I will work only for young peoples advancement. I constantly see opportunities. I constantly nudge others to see possibilities. I believe in both hard work and creative work.


Team Lead

Gives and contributes her best to ensure daily tasks and responsibilities of young aspirants are accomplished to win Nigerian Electorial positions and impact their environment.

james Osubor

Assistant Team Lead

James is a very versatile dedicated individual. A true visioner who has been all about inflencing Young Aspirants to take up the helm of affairs at various political parties and become leaders.

Shitery Panjiel

Project Account Officer

Panjiel reviews YALF account, budget and forecast to prepare the all-important scorecards which allow YALF Team decision-makers to gauge the financial health of the project.

Maryam Junaidu

Call Center Operator

Follows up; every step of the way and gives her all to support (both technicaly and morally) Young Aspirants through out every stage of their electorial process.

Anastasia Odoh

Call Center Operator

Provides guidance, instruction, direction and leadership to Young Aspirants to accomplish goals and milestones; Develop winning strategies and become Political leaders