Hosting 3 tailored YALF workshops for 350 youth aspirants before 2019 Nigerian election

Training 350 progressive and underserved youth aspirants and candidates interested in running for different elective positions in the 2019 Nigeria general election, using a structured training curriculum. To produce a robust curriculum, a team of 2-3 curriculum writing consultants shall interview young and old, past and present politicians who have run for elections within and outside Nigeria. They shall also interact with INEC, political parties and any other relevant stakeholders. The cumulative information gathered shall be used in developing the curriculum for the program.

Interparty Dialogue and Advocacy for Increasing Space for Youth Candidates in Political Parties

Hosting an interparty dialogue converging political parties on how to increase space for youth candidates in political parties. Where participants (from the 2 regional workshops of YALF semester 1) shall articulate key areas political parties need to make changes to increase space for youth candidates to emerge and run on their platforms in 2019. This list of demands shall be presented to political parties during the Interparty Dialogue designed to host political parties and other stakeholders. And shall also be promoted via social media and traditional media.

Establish and coordinate a non-partisan Youth Aspirants Information Hub and Toll-free service

This hub is designed to provide structured information for young people regarding any aspect of running for elections as well as provide guidance and counseling to youth aspirants and candidates on difficulties they may encounter in the course of their aspiration. It is designed to become the first Toll-free customer service information center for youth on running for elections in Nigeria that is nonpartisan.

Producing and broadcasting "2019 Weekly" on Social Media where issues are discussed

The 2019 weekly shall be a 7/8minutes weekly talk show where current issues on electioneering are discussed from a youth perspective, but with focus on youth candidates and aspirants. Two youth presenters shall anchor the program, featuring guests, special reports from youth aspirants and candidates alike, INEC officials, party officials and other stakeholders. The “2019 Weekly” shall be aired on YouTube channel as well as other social media platforms. Every effort will be made to ensure that the activity is non-partisan, inclusive and representative of the diversity of the political space in Nigeria.

What Our Participants Are Saying

Thank you YALF organizers, I am short of words to appreciate how you transformed and upgraded my political knowledge.

-Zainab Suleiman / Kano , Nigeria

YALF Semester2 gave me an honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our community's problems and needs.

-Abdullahi Ibrahim / Katsina , Nigeria

YALF made me improve my willingness to examine key political issues and listen closely to the public's concerns.

-Rukkaya Audu / Adamawa , Nigeria