Are you a Youth Aspirant or Candidate ?

Join our movement by attending the YALF workshop for 350 youth aspirants before 2019 Nigerian election.


    Four (4) - day Workshop
  • Two (2) Zones (North West and North Central)
  • 75 participants each i.e. 150 delegates
  • Mainly for candidates who want to contest in the 2019 Nigerian General elections
  • To Understand and Run political campaigns
  • More ...

    Three (3) - day workshop
  • Two (2) Zones (North West and North Central)
  • 100 participants for each zone
  • Mainly for candidates who has secured a party nomination ticket and won party primaries
  • To Obtain Final preparatory orientation
  • More ...



A participant of Young Aspirants Leadership Fellowship, YALF Semester 2 from Plateau State is a candidate of the Aliance for a New Nigeria, ANN aspiring to represent the good people of Bokkos constituency in the Plateau House of Assembly come May 2019. He continued with his campaign by educating the people of Bokkos and conversing for their votes and support in the coming elections.


is a vibrant candidate from Jigawa State who participated in the Young Aspirants Leadership Fellowship, YALF Semester 2 Workshop. He continued his intense House of Assembly campaign in Jigawa State as the countdown to the 2019 general election continues by embarking on a door to door campaign visit in balago ward; Where he also visited all settlement in balago ward.

1 Day Post Election Retreat | After the 2019 General Elections

is a one day experience sharing retreat for selected participants from the yalf workshops and other stake holders. Where the experiences of candidates across the workshops and throughout the electoral cycle will be documented. Following the elections, a special report will be published, detailing the challenges experienced by young candidates and opportunities for action regarding future elections. This report will offer the opportunity for the young people to reflect on their experiences, and provide more in-depth perspectives on their successes and limitations, which will serve as lessons learnt for future youth candidates.

Watch 2019 Weekly

The Nigerian Political Sphere is taking a paradigm shift. The youths are on the move. Watch Salamatu and Anne exploring activities of the Nigerian Youths in Politics

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Testimonials abound from YALF semester 1 participant of great achievements in pursuit of their political career. With Semester 2 kicking off, you will want take a leap just like every other young political aspirant to run, win and impact Nigeria’s political sphere. Sign up today for YALF semester 2 workshop where you will be fully equipped to run come 2019 Nigerian Elections. To sign-up visit our website today or call us for free on (0)+234 800-333-3555 for more info.

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Who is a Young Aspirant Volunteer ?

A Young Aspirant Volunteer is a Youth within the age range of 18 - 35 who is willing to support youth candidates of their interest! Young Aspirant Volunteers could support by Joining the youth candidate campaign team, creating awareness of the young candidates intention to run within their communities and on Social Media as Social Media Campaign Managers and supporting financially when ever the need arises. To Become a Young Aspirant Volunteer, please send a mail to our e-mail register centre : with Information such as Your Full Name, Location, Name of Candidate (optional), Reasons for Volunteering and How you intend to support ( Indicate what you want to use to support )

Benefits of a Young Aspirant Volunteer

Alot of benefits awaits you as a Young Aspirant Volunteer! Such as :

1. Gain work-based experience in order to boost their various career prospects.

2. Gain Political Experience ( if they decide to run for office in the future )

3. Get Connected to a Wider Range of Network in the Political Space

Request for Young Aspirant Volunteers

Now getting youths to volunteer and support your various political aspiration has become easier! All you need to do is send us an email about yourself, political aspirations and the role you need the volunteers to play. Then we would match you with a Volunteer that fits your request from our Volunteer network . To request for a Young Aspirant Volunteer, please send a mail to our e-mail register centre :